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Galerie Christiane Vallé

Galerie Christiane Vallé

Clermont-Ferrand - France

The masters of XXe and XXIe centuries

Clermont-Ferrand From 13 October to 10 November 2017

The gallery Christiane Vallé was founded in 1967 in Clermont-Ferrand by René Chabannes and Christiane Vallé.
Christiane Vallé was the first radiant face to appear on the television screen Auvergnat (Currently France 3).

They first organized exhibitions with painters in his region, founded the poets club and then, wishing to give his gallery more audience and influence, René Chabannes decided to go to Paris where he met Emmanuel David, discoverer of Bernard Buffet who instantly becomes his friend and mentor. This relationship carries a positive impetus that will be decisive in the trajectory and spirit of the gallery Christiane Vallé.

Emmanuel David gave his teaching to René Chabannes, who established himself as an art dealer of exceptional qualities, giving the Auvergne an intense artistic animation.
The gallery is the permanent and regional engine of exhibitions animated by artists of many origins and visions.

In 2007, René Chabannes and Christiane Vallé sold their gallery to their son Cyril, who will leave it to his son David Chabannes (grandson of the creators of the gallery) in 2015. Since then, artists such as Peter Klasen, Vladimir Velickovic, Pasqua, Segui, Jonone, Speedy Graphito and Shepard Fairey have been performing on the cymaises of the gallery. The goal is simple: "Anchor the gallery in our time"

For this anniversary year (50 years of existence), the gallery decided to present a succession of striking exhibition, in the image of the history of this one.

Previously an exhibition on Bernard Buffet to bring many people inspired by his work. This was an opportunity for the gallery to present 50 pieces by the artist.

For the forthcoming exhibition during the month of October we go further to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the gallery with a 50-year-old art representation of 50 artists.

Picasso, Chagall, Raoul Dufy, Mathieu, Buffet, Helion, Gen Paul, Miro, Ernest Pignon Ernest, Combas, Jonone, Di Rosa, Vlaminck, Erro, Kijno, Klasen, Arman, Adami, Laurencin, Obey, Pasqua, Velickovic, Speedy Graphito, Keith Haring...

All this will be accompanied by a very beautiful exhibition catalog which will retrace some artistic events that have taken place in recent years.
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  • 15 rue Philippe Marcombes
    63000, Clermont-Ferrand

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