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Paris - France


Paris From 8 November to 18 November 2017

“Matter”, Hyperuranion mark, as a unique and unmistakable signature.

The majestic nature, its power and infinite source of inspiration, its being, today, a mirror for the insight into things. Landscapes scenography, some details and accidental scenes originated by mankind, neon lights blending in sculptures and video reproductions of endless moments.

Thus gazing at nature, using it as an oject and a subject, reinterpreting it, a concept linked to only one word and theme unveiling in this exhibition with the vision, the imagination, the interpretation, the artistic effort of the works presented here.

Bruna Rotunno

The enchanted forest
"... traveling alone means the absolute freedom to broaden your perceptions and allow you to make contact with all possible real or imaginary forms in nature. I "penetrated" into a forest of Fire Earth, attracted by a complex portal in twisted, twisted and vibrating trees, and I knew the absence of time and I stayed for hours.
Forms, reflections, real and visionary presentations enchanted me at the same time. I found in the series The Enchanted Forest the emotions that materialized in the images.

In this plan of reality, everything is possible... Simply open and listen to the access to your dreams "

Emanuele Ravagnani

Emanuele Ravagnani uses a mix of techniques, ranging from painting to material assembly and collage, from oil-based paints to natural pigments, objects recovering, photographs, to redefine the space-time dimension by relocating the objects themselves.

For this series he chooses details of his works on which he photographs and repaints his immage.

An anthropomorphic transformation based reprocessing project.
Impersonation from the observer on human existentialism.
Five self portraits.
The intervention on matter binds to the photographic base.
A timeline ascribable from different media connected by the artist’s expression.
A painting within the painting.
A twisted vision reassembled in human bodies.

Gabriele Dal Dosso

In the work CUBO DI GABO - M³.N, Gabriele Dal Dosso approaches and matches two natural materials such as wood and Vesuvius volcanic stone with glass (neon) to concretize a new chapter of the CUBO DI GABO series, making this time an illusion out of it, got from the origin of his reflection, taking the cue from the Möbius band stucture, thus setting in a double image, drawing and neon, the 2D reproduction of one of his philosophical objects.

Max Blotas

Interactive monitoring - antic edition

In 332BC Alexander the Great conquered the river Nile and became Pharaoh.

Interactive monitoring - ptolemaic editio

The great construction of Alexandria prefigured the cultural uniformisation that occurred all around the Mediterranean sea and transformed the cities, which are all built in the same way, creating a giant interconnected web of polis.

A CCTV display is connected to a big black and unshaped structure from which the sound of a fountain can be heard. Several simple push buttons allow one to enjoy and go between several live views of a hidden ancient city.

An artificial solar light mimics the sun cycle and spreads its rays on the thin cardboard walls. Strong vapours of red wine come from underneath the dark fabric, which wraps the room in a rancid but sweet smell.

Queenie Rosita Law

Law's interest in storytelling and capturing ephemeral moments is a fundamental aspect in her work as a visual artist and image maker. Blending photography and paint to highlight an instance or a mood that too easily slips away, she imbues her work with a deeply-felt sentiment to move and inspire those who see it to construct their own personal context to the visual narrative.

Silvia Coccaglio

Silvia Coccaglio’s photography is an integral part of her everyday life, it portrays and treats her moods, still on the other side of the lens she tirelessly carries with her.

Silvia Coccaglio’s photographic series have the common denominator of a moment, the instant when something catches her attention, a situation, an object, like the surfers’ party abandoned for the storm, and suddenly the scenario of parked cars draws her eye; a basement where she puts a couple of chairs and an old racket, the moment with the perfect light.
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  • c/o Joyce Gallery
    75001, Paris

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Bruna Rotunno, Enchanted forest #4, Photography

Bruna Rotunno

Enchanted forest #4, 2016
41.3 x 27.6 inch


Bruna Rotunno, Enchanted forest #6, Photography

Bruna Rotunno

Enchanted forest #6, 2016
27.6 x 41.3 inch


Gabriele Dal Dosso, Cubo di Gabo - M³.N_R2, Sculpture

Gabriele Dal Dosso

Cubo di Gabo - M³.N_R2, 2017
9.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inch


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