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Galerie Jocelyn Wolff

Galerie Jocelyn Wolff

Paris - France

Dormir au soleil

Paris From 3 March to 21 April 2018

While an art exhibition is nowadays often treated as a landscape itself, the landscape
remains a theme present in the work of numerous contemporary artists.
I find that it is difficult to fully grasp the genre nowadays, which can be considered either
more as an exercise in research that is above all formal or as approached in a thematic
mode. This brings me to question the ways in which landscapes are currently being
treated. Dormir au soleil is about how the landscape becomes active once inhabited, once
it is given a scale, and how it mixes dream and reality.
This exhibition presents the works of emerging artists that I follow, (Rudolf Samohejl,
Santiago de Paoli, Anna Hulačová) or who are confirmed (Diego Bianchi and João Queiroz).
Diego Bianchi (1969, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
« For years I have observed the transformation of daily consumer items after being used.
I have observed the inter relationship between nature and social behaviors, the rise and
decline of urban and biological situations, the catastrophes, accidents and randomness
generate unheard versions of order. The traces of usage or the passage of time and the
heuristic of objects. »

Santiago de Paoli (1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Anna Hulačová (1984, Sušice, Czech republic)
She explores how folk art – which grew out of and reflected human needs, and should
thus be a foundation for our culture – became exotic territory in the 20th century. With
an eye towards the questions of national culture and globalized society the 21st century
tries (at worst) to mine what is left of folk culture and (at best) to find a new relationship
to it. Modernism and the avant-garde, which the 21st century clings to as its
rediscovered roots, represent a layover on the journey back to folk art. This situation is
reflected in the art of Anna Hulačová, who places great emphasis on handcrafted, primarily
sculptural works, on materials that emphasize natural and traditional roots, and
on techniques that reflect a sense of sophistication, logic, and symbolism of folk art. Her
interests also include devotional sculpture, Christianity and the cultures of indigenous
peoples, but also the themes of home and family, which industrial and post-industrial
society have lost touch with. Hulačová’s study of ethnography and the past is not just
an exploratory expedition or cultural regression – her aim is to find new possibilities for
emotion and spirituality in art, however much such formulations will sound pretentiously
earnest to the modern intellect.
Edith Jeřabková, September 2015

João Queiroz (1957, Lisbon, Portugal)

Rudolf Samohejl (1987, České Budějovice, Czech republic. Lives and works in Brussels
and Prague)
The work of Rudolf Samohejl represents a distinctive approach to tendencies in sculpture
that the artist expands within the domain formed by the emerging generation of
artists increasingly involved with the international scene and experimenting with both
new media and «retro» comebacks, with the subjective appropriation of the aesthetic
and formal trends of the global art world, as well as with the possibilities of transcending
them. Samohejl’s approach is characterised by a sensibility to a multitude of contexts
that intersect the creation of the work, but also by a conscious courage, humour and generosity,
whose roots we might seek in his inspiration in approaches of the minimalists
and land artists of the last century.
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