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From 13 June to 3 July 2015

French Art Studio

French Art Studio

Londres - United Kingdom


>french art studio is proud to present the first UK solo show by Mambo, a famous contemporary French artist from the Grafitti art scene. From Paris to Los Angeles where the artist has been living for three years, Mambo has just come up with a stunning selection of new work deeply influenced by graffiti, design, illustration and fashion; many fields that have always driven the artist in his creative process.

Mambo is a ‘cognitive’ painter. When some artists reveal the beauty and mystery of natural landscapes, Mambo aims at capturing in his paintings the essence of human intelligence and celebrates the greatness of human brain. His works range from figurative to abstract, with humanity at the centre of his research.
His figurative portrays (‘emotifs’) are about the appearance of things and the sparks of feelings and hidden thoughts that transpire from human expressions.?In his semi-abstract works called ‘Brainology’, images are connected like memories, through fluid and elegant lineages. Mambo often work with no preparatory sketch, drawing lines in a single gesture, following the instinct of his subconscious.

Like Surrealist artists, Mambo reveals the poetry inside our minds by liberating artistic expression from pre-set frameworks. Mambo is fascinated by the convergence of biology, technology and cognitive sciences and the emergence of artificial intelligence. His more abstract paintings suggest binary codes with a human soul – his vision of scientific innovation ever expanding the possibilities of human brain.

Flavien Demarigny aka Mambo (b.1969) is a famous French contemporary artist. He grew up in Latin America. He is a self-taught artist who started his career in Paris in the mid-80s as a graphic designer and a street artist. His work has gradually evolved towards canvas painting and large size murals.?Mambo has exhibited in galleries and museums around the globe, such as Centre Pompidou. He also collaborated to creative projects with Prada, Canal+ TV, Samsung, Vans and more recently Netflix. His works are showcased in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Paris, Geneva and London.

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  • 58 gloucester road
    SW7 4QT, London
    United States

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