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SMAGALA Lucienne

COLMAR From 11 September to 11 October 2015



COLMAR - France


 Art project

The project was born in Poland, in a town rich in textile industrial past of XIX century in Zielona Gora, a German city, Grunberg became a Polish city after the war.

The low I could accompany a team of building specialists in their work transforming this industrial wasteland.

This transformation was through destruction, of chaos in order to take the new form - a place of -lofts homes and workplace for companies.

I could take pictures on site, pick up objects from the past, meet the workers and architects throughout this site ...
They were all very anxious to preserve every trace of the past of this former factory, its working memory as if these traces were "cement" to build a new Identitaire form of this exceptional site in the past and today.

The project was completed in France in Mulhouse through the history of another site architecture -Temple Saint Etienne, a site marked by the work of architects who built it but also by the patrons of the temple - the major textile manufacturers of Mulhouse and its region.

I found these two sites a symbol of the search for identity ... a symbol of identity mystery.

 What we are doing exactly? What is our "glue" to us?
Who or what has marked us in our lives?
What are traces, marks?
What makes that our origins?

-réflexions Many issues that the artist raises in each of us ...
So the Urban Factory Urban Story-cycle is born ...
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