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Amazing Amazons

Londres From 7 November to 26 November 2015

French Art Studio

French Art Studio

Londres - United Kingdom

In 2014, French artist YZ has moved her studio from Paris to Senegal. This relocation has been the opportunity for the artist to get into a very personal quest within her very heritage as she partly descends from slaves ancestors sent to the West Indies. From this search alongside an in-depth interest she has developed about West African history, YZ has been naturally drawn to the fascinating world of Amazons - these 19th Century female warriors originally coming from the West African Country of Dahomey – a former French colony.

Months of research have led the artist to collect a wonderful series of original amazons photographic portraits. From these photographs and in her very unique style and technique, YZ has come out with a fascinating series of portraits. Through this new series, the artist firstly pays tribute to these extraordinary women who have shaped forever the face of Africa. Also and in a more intimate manner, YZ shares with us the deep feelings that have inspired these Amazons in their time and that still resonate: power, fierce, independence, feminity, beauty.
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  • 123 blythe road
    W14 0HL, London
    United Kingdom
    +44 (0)2037378353

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