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Austria Born in: 1975
Asgar/Gabriel are two artists who live and work in Vienna.

Philosopher Denis Diderot viewed the ruin, and images made of ruins, as being paradoxically irregular and incomplete but also fascinating and strongly emotive suggesting their desecrated state offered a (perverse) sense of gratification, and ultimately positioned the image of the ruin as sublime.
Asgar/Gabriel distorted and epic imaginations depict both despair and erotica evoking a similar sense of the sublime with this paradox. Their lusciously rendered characters, neon brilliance and dramatic epic narratives belie a macabre undertone that explores dark desire, greed and death. By moving beyond the canvas grid, the works in Armed With Fever And Good Health become increasingly sculptural, challenging a formal reading of the depicted history paintings and placing the viewer in an unknown world where a conventional metaphorical and physical reading of the work is disrupted.

In this way Asgar/Gabriel create an experience that activates the exhibition as an environment, placing the viewer, quite literally, amidst the drama.
By adopting a Dadaist sensibility, it can be argued that Armed With Fever And Good Health is proof that painting has become, ironically, anti-art.
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