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Ye Xing-Qian

China Born in: 1963
Ye Xing-Qian was born in 1963 in Zhejiang province, China. He is a self taught painter who began painting at the age of 5. He took also interest in sculpture on stone and wood. AT 16 he used to earn his living decorating temples and realizing calligraphy for funeral or wedding ceremonies. At the age of 17 he had his fist exhibition in his hometown. In 1982 he left China and moved to France.

In 1987 he took part in the "Jeune peinture, jeune expression" exhibition and became eventually an organizer for this series of events. For a long time he used exclusively his Chinese tools consisting of Chinese ink, water color, rice paper and bamboo paper.

His technique is directly inherited from Chinese calligraphy, but his painting goes beyond the traditional "shan shui" style to step in the abstract world. The gesture is fast and lively. The ink is thrown on the paper creating mineral elements referring to the old masters. His painting is free and audacious, creating a new way of painting without denying his inheritance.

In 2004, he took courses at the school of Fine Arts of Nankin supervised by his teacher, master Zhang You Xian. In 2007 he took an interest in the difficult oil painting technique.

Presented as the successor of Zao WuKi and Zhu DeChun, great masters of Chinese painting who have lived in France, Ye Xing-Qian has had exhibitions in China, in France and in many other countries.
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