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Daniel Grardel

Born in: 1953


Daniel Grardel is a French artist born in 1953. He practices painting assiduously since more than thirty years, he uses a sharp pictorial technique. He has a close friendship with Lucky Blondo, a 60s singer with whom he shares a very different personality, and a tangible sensibility in their work. Daniel Grardel's paintings combine the sense and the spirit of provocation, in the same style of Clovis Trouille, a renowned painter for whom he feels limitless admiration. Impregnated with a mood of the 60s, the scenes of life represented in his paintings have a sexy touch and a bit of mystery. The sketched women wear exuberant outfits and incite to daydreaming. Distilled with warm shades, the male characters belong to scenes of bars where the eyes diverge and the elbows are posed on the counters. His unique universe is not devoid of poetry. "Youngsters, remarkable people, old beauties, alcoholics, losers, womanizers...I like immortilizing these colorful characters who can be found in bars" declares the artist.
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Daniel Grardel, Mère Grand attendra, Painting

Daniel Grardel

Mère Grand attendra, 2015
31.5 x 31.5 x 2 inch


Daniel Grardel, Marilou à Saint-Leu, Painting

Daniel Grardel

Marilou à Saint-Leu, 2015
25.6 x 21.3 inch


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