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Dorothée Recker

Born in: 1984


Dorothee Recker was born in 1984 in Oslo. She is a Franco-German artist. Recker graduated from the Fine Arts School in Paris and lives there today. Her oil paintings depict colorful celestial landscapes, while portraying artificial aspects. Dorothee Recker repeats the same gesture to string out the painting and tone down the trace of creation. Her work exudes intensity and elegance by using chromatic shades. Through her oil paintings, the artist is able to glorify the material with the help of a relief or a crumpled drape like cloth. Her pictorial vocabulary is based on infinity. The immense sky or the sea have a hypnotizing effect, as they're bewitching. The outcome is magnificent work. "Willingness to create images is the starting point. Paintings, photos, films are all based on perception and I wish to express various forms. My works draws inspiration from sensitive experiences, natural and universal phenomenons, I celebrate the colors of the sky, the depth of horizon and the movement of the waves, the feeling of the sand and sun's light" explains the artist. She does many exhibitions New York, Berlin (Studio YBDD, « Personal notes for a public poem ») or Paris, at Cent-Quatre « Nos Yeux Grands Ouverts », May fair– Annual fair where she won the Marin Prize. Her works underwent publications Manuel#2 Réécrire magazine, Manuel #2 / Le Romantisme pirate, a file called desire
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