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Vincent Magni

France Born in: 1963
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Vincent Magni is a painter and sculptor born in 1963 in Saint-Etienne. He currently lives and works in France, in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye, in the Yonne. It is the place where he created in 2006, in an old industrial wasteland of 10 000 square meters, a village of artists called "The Poetry", where he invites other creators to come to settle there.

An innovative and inspired sculptor, the characters he creates are tribute to life and movement, while respecting the materials used.

Playing with the idea of ??an intrinsic dynamics, its metal mobiles are animated with a life of their own and interact directly with the spectator. Their brilliant colors, like a hymn to joy, give them the appearance of human-sized toys. At the same time, their fine and light structure makes them aerial characters about to wake up suddenly and go on an adventure.

Vincent Magni uses the most modern materials: stainless steel, concrete, Corten steel or even oxidized metal, while using the simplest and most natural materials, such as stones or pebbles, to translate emotions into sculptures. This results in works that sometimes seem to have come from a different age, from an era in which they were fashioned by the first men.

A permanent dialogue, between materials and eras, invites the viewer to a genuine reflection about time. How to translate it aesthetically? The famous Eggs of the artist are perhaps an element of response as the snail shell, laid on the ground like a fossilized abandonment, but whose waiting to see an arising occupant holds us in breath .

A multi-faceted artist attracted also by painting, Magni sees in the canvas a space where he gives his interpretation of beauty and life, to his eyes, unspeakable. The colors cast in his abstract works make the pictorial composition sober, expressive where sometimes landscapes are drawn with poetry. Through his paintings, it is atmospheres and even seasons that the artist manages to reveal us by contemplating them.

Exposed by numerous galleries throughout the world (Europe, USA, China ...), the works of Vincent Magni seduce us, amuse us and question us about our relation to the world and to life.

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Vincent Magni, Humanobile Bleu, Sculpture

Vincent Magni

Humanobile Bleu, 2019
70.1 x 21.7 x 17.7 inch

$8,430 $9,367

Vincent Magni, Tendresse, Painting

Vincent Magni

Tendresse, 2005
59.1 x 43.3 x 0.8 inch


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