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Quentin Carnaille

Born in: 1984



Quentin Carnaille is a French artist born in 1984 in Roubaix. He studied architecture at the Superior School of Art of Saint Luc in Tournai, Belgium from which he graduated in 2009. Quentin lives and works in Lille.

It was in 2008 when he decided to become an architect that he began his journey in the world of art by creating pieces made up of watch mechanisms. He continued exploring the concepts of man, space, and time which he was fascinated about. In 2015, his research about the contemporary mind and his representation of the cube intensified.

Quentin Carnaille's sculptures are now exhibited in Europe, Asia and soon in the Middle East. But he aspires to go beyond the continents and send a sculpture to space.

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Quentin Carnaille, Envol 1, Sculpture

Quentin Carnaille

Envol 1, 2016
76 x 64 x 22 cm

€9 000

Quentin Carnaille, Origine III, Sculpture

Quentin Carnaille

Origine III, 2015
73 x 72 x 49 cm

€9 500

Quentin Carnaille, Emancipation, Sculpture

Quentin Carnaille

Emancipation, 2014
30 x 62 x 30 cm

€16 000

Quentin Carnaille, Apesanteur IV, Sculpture

Quentin Carnaille

Apesanteur IV, 2015
37 x 32 x 12 cm

€12 000

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