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Rémi Delaplace

Born in: 1972


Rémi Delaplace was born in 1972. He lives and works in Paris. His education (Master 2 in Contemporary Art and New Media at the Paris 8 University) allows him to address the issue of perception in art as well as the relationship between spectator and work. The artist builds his practice as a journey. The starting point was his research on the sensitive which took shape in his drawings: they were representations of an abstract vibration. The gesture in the instantaneous movement, the energy - these were a significant part of his research and were happening in time. The drawings became partitions for the vibrations. The practice of contact improvisation dance? had a strong impact on his work. Rémi Delaplace integrates it into his creative pictorial process. That is where he appropriates the notion of consciousness in space. It becomes a theme in his work, but also a part of the creative process, of the movement and of the gesture of painting. This is how the artist describes his work: "In the beginning, my research was directed towards the space of the sensitive: understanding what is going on between the sensitive, the emotion, the feeling, the meaning and the body. A first axis in my creation has been a research on consciousness and particularly on the concept of finitude, which took shape into pieces entitled "Dead Bodies" and "Still Life". Another axis integrates the interiority and is entitled "In Out". I have questioned the limits, the boundaries between the self and the other, between inside and outside. I question the body, the senses and the mind. Feeling the emotion and the consciousness helped me reach a certain expression through the pictorial language, in the moment: the ?here and now?. The expressions of emotions (anger, mourning... ) are accompanied by forms borrowed from signs and signals: mental and feeling are incorporates this way. I offer the color, the saturation as constituting elements of the painting, expressions of feelinging. The pace and the brushstroke express emotion." - Rémi Delaplace
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