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Pierre-Marc de Biasi

Born in: 1950



Pierre-Marc De Biasi lives and works in Paris. He is a researcher, writer and plastic artist.

Former student of ENS, aggregated of the Letters (1976), doctor in semiology (1982), qualified to the direction of researches (1997), Pierre-Marc De Biasi is the research director of the Modern Texts and Manuscripts Institute (ITEM), specialized laboratory in the study of literary, scientific and artistic creations processes, that he directed from 2006 to 2013.

He published about thirty books (editions, biographies, essays) and three hundred articles about Flaubert, the genetic of the texts, the literary theory, the written heritage, the paper, the history of eroticism, architecture, cinema, plastic arts, the history of science and techniques, the mediologic approach, the pictures and the contemporary vocabulary. He teaches at L'ENS in Paris and at both Universities Paris IV and Paris VII.

He is an executive producer at France Culture, director of the collections, collaborator of scientific magazines and author for documentary films for Arte. At the same time of his course in Letters and Philosophy, Pierre-Marc De Biasi followed a post-degree training in sculpture and architecture (ENSBA, Paris, 1973-1976), and in history of art (plastic art aggregation, Saint-Charles Paris, 1977).

As a plastic artist, Pierre-Marc De Biasi works on the signs, the scriptures, the bodies, the desire, the rituals, the archaic, the monument, the trace and the transmission (painting, sculpture, photo, installation, video clips, performances). Since 1977, his works have been presented in museums and galleries, in about fifty personal and collective exhibitions in France or aboard.

Pierre-Marc De Biasi co-directs, with François-René Martin, the History of Art team ("Genesis of artwork and creation process") of ITEM-ENSBA and the DIGA program ("International facts about artistic genetic") of Labex TranSferS.

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