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Marc Chagall

Born in: 1887


  • Movement

    Cubism, Expressionnism
  • Famous artist


    Marc Chagall is a painter and printmaker born in Belarus in 1887.

    He was raised by his Jewish mother, who passed on to him the passion of man and made him read the Bible. Vitebsk, the area where he grew up, would always represent his childhood paradise and later greatly influence his artistic work.

    He studied at the School of Fine Arts of Saint-Petersburg and then worked in a studio. He was pupil of Leon Bakst, who introduced him to Bella Rosenfeld, with whom he fell in love.

    In 1910, he moved to Paris. There, he discovered Fauvism as the movement was fading, and Cubism just as it was emerging. He was fascinated by the joyful colors of Fauvism and by Cubism's deconstruction of objects. Even if he was living in Paris, Marc Chagall never forgot his native country, Russia, and never ceased to be inspire by it. In fact, the Jewish culture in which he grew up is always present in his work.

    In Paris, Marc Chagall met Blaise Cendrars, Robert Delaunay and Guillaume Apollinaire with whom he became friends.

    In 1914, He returned to Vitebsk, thinking he would only stay there a short while, but the First World War preventing him from coming back to France. He Married Bella with whom he had a daughter. He painted the life of the Jewish community, persecuted because they were suspected of collaborating with the Russians. After the Revolution, he let to Moscow, where he worked for the Jewish Art Theater.

    Back in Paris, his friend Ambroise Vollard, ask him to do some illustrations for the" Fables de La Fontaine" and for the Bible. He did several gouaches for the religious texts that he considered to be " the biggest source of poetry of all time". He then did a collection of etchings about the Old Testament, which he donated to the French government. This latter has been exhibited in the Louvre and then at the National Museum of Biblical messages in Nice, which was later named National Museum Marc Chagall.

    Marc Chagall can not be associated to one particular movement, since the artist preferred to combine several styles. However In his work we can find characteristics of surrealism and Neo-Primitivism. Marc Chagall created his paintings and prints inspired by his own intimate life.

    He died in 1985 in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France.

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    Our recommendations Marc Chagall, Carmen, Print

    Marc Chagall

    Carmen, 1966
    40 x 26.25 inch


    Our recommendations Marc Chagall, Self Portrait at the Window, Print

    Marc Chagall

    Self Portrait at the Window, 1957
    26 x 20 inch


    Marc Chagall, David and Bathsheba, Print

    Marc Chagall

    David and Bathsheba, 1979
    23 x 17 inch


    Marc Chagall, Le Profil et l'Enfant Rouge (M. 284), Print

    Marc Chagall

    Le Profil et l'Enfant Rouge (M. 284), 1960
    18.75 x 12.75 x 0.1 inch


    Marc Chagall, La Baie des Anges (The Bay of Angels), Print

    Marc Chagall

    La Baie des Anges (The Bay of Angels), 1962
    34 x 23 x 0.1 inch


    Marc Chagall, Lumière du Cirque, Print

    Marc Chagall

    Lumière du Cirque, 1969
    14.6 x 21.3 inch


    Our recommendations Marc Chagall, Couple in front of a tree, Print

    Marc Chagall

    Couple in front of a tree, 1971
    24 x 19.25 inch


    Marc Chagall, Couple in Front of a Tree, Print

    Marc Chagall

    Couple in Front of a Tree, 1971
    24 x 19 inch


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