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Yves Buraud


Yves Buraud is a French artist who lives and works in Bagnolet. He obtained a DEUG in modern letters, and then studied at the School of Fine Arts of Bordeaux and of Nimes, where he was a pupil of Patrick Saytour and Calors Kusnir. He completed his studies doing a Master's degree in ENSBA in Paris. Yves Buraud is fascinated by the concept of the urban landscapes and habitats. He describes himself as a "geo-artist", working mostly on the relationship between man and the places it inhabits, and about the fact that the public spaces of the big metropolises reveal present societal and existencial stakes. Yves Bureud is an versitile artist who uses graphism, painting, photography and literature to comunicate to the population . His work is committed, and allows him to address subjects related with politics, urbanism and art. Since 2011, he works in a new collection of pictorial creations. He creates images of urban landscapes on metal plates. The paint and the colors organize his compositions in very geometrical way, resembling this way, the structure of urban landcapes. The streets are colored, the personages and the buildings are cut, the walls glued and then glued again. In 2013, He presented a collection where he depicted the consequences of the financial crisis on urban landscapes, in his exhibitions called "Archipel Précaire". One of the books that he wrote holds the title " Archipel Precaire" as well, and addresses the relationship between man and the landscapes that he ihnabits. He focuses on our status as landowner and on the concept of ecumene. Yves Buraud exhibits his work regularly in France.
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