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Martin Munkacsi

Hungary Born in: 1896
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Martin Munkácsi (born Mermelstein Márton; 18 May 1896 – 13 July 1963) was a Hungarian photographer who worked in Germany (1928–34) and the United States, where he was based in New York City. Munkácsi's legendary big break was to happen upon a fatal brawl, which he photographed.

Those photos affected the outcome of the trial of the accused killer and gave Munkácsi considerable notoriety. That notoriety helped him get a job in Berlin in 1928, for the Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung, where his first published photo was a motorcycle splashing its way through a puddle.

He also worked for the fashion magazine Die Dame. More than just sports and fashion, he photographed Berliners, rich and poor, in all their activities. He traveled to Turkey, Sicily, Egypt, London, New York, and famously Liberia, for photo spreads in the Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung.
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Martin Munkacsi, Untitled (Church Spire, Seville), Photography

Martin Munkacsi

Untitled (Church Spire, Seville), 1930
14.88 x 11.75 inch


Martin Munkacsi, Liberia: Liberian in front of a Termite Hill, Photography

Martin Munkacsi

Liberia: Liberian in front of a Termite Hill, 1930
13.75 x 9.88 inch


Martin Munkacsi, Untitled (Young Boys Pushing Mine Trolley), Photography

Martin Munkacsi

Untitled (Young Boys Pushing Mine Trolley), 1930
12 x 15.5 inch


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