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Arturo Checchi

Italy Born in: 1886
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Arturo Checchi (Fucecchio, 1886 - Perugia, 1971)

The Italian painter started drawing with a private teacher when he was 12 and in 1902 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence for three years under the guidance of Alfonso De Carolis. Once the Academy was finished, he began his activity as a decorator and continued his studies in drawing until the outbreak of the First World War, which forced him to return to Fucecchio.

After his first artistic training, he traveled to Germany, where he met the Jugend painters and the expressionists.

He taught at the Academies of Perugia (from 1925, and where he married one of his students, Zena Fettucciari), of Brera (from 1939) and Florence (from 1942 to 1961)

Adhering to the Tuscan pictorial taste of the time, Checchi was among the first painters to orient himself to the style of Cézanne, which Vittorio Pica introduced in Italy in 1908 with the publication The French Impressionists, "influenced by the admirable capacity for synthesis and the will of the French to create abstract harmonies of masses and tones ». His palette was also enriched by a coloristic incisiveness drawn from Van Gogh and Gauguin.

Since 1975 two sculptures have been exhibited in Vallombrosa: La sirena (1932) and Bimba al sole (1935). In Perugia are exhibited Il violino (gardens of piazza Italia) and La chitarra (foyer of the Teatro Morlacchi).

He held several personal exhibitions in Florence; he participated in the Venice Biennale (in 1926, 1928, 1932, 1934, 1936 and 1940), in the first eight editions of the Rome Quadrennial and in graphic collective exhibitions in Florence, New York, Paris, Warsaw, Riga.It was also present at the Exhibition International art fair in Barcelona, launched in 1931 by the National Fascist Union. Also known as etcher and draftsman, he took part in the International Exhibition of Graphics at Palazzo Strozzi in 1968-69 and published Images, 33 original lithographs, Fucecchio of that time, 44 etchings and juvenile woodcuts, as well as other engravings.

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Arturo Checchi, Il Barocciaio, Print

Arturo Checchi

Il Barocciaio, 1939
14.1 x 20 x 0.1 inch


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