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Renzo Nucara

Born in: 1955


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Renzo Nucara (Cream - Italy, 1955) graduated from the Art School of Bergamo in 1973.
He attended the Academy of Brera in Milan.
His first solo exhibition in 1977 at the Ticino Gallery in Milan.
In the 80s his work is organized around the theme of the diary. Emotions, feelings, 'facts of the day' are written straight off the canvas. Sentences are often the contrary or fragmented, because deliberately placed in the space between the explicit and the hidden, between what Paul wishes to reveal and what you prefer to keep quiet.
In subsequent years, the writing becomes a sign, the canvas gives way to three-dimensionality, come into play new materials - wood, found objects, transparent films - with which creates the memory Box preferring an approach between the ironic and playful.
Back to the two-dimensionality with findings that characterize his artistic production of the 90 forms that I refer to the idea of ??an object already corroded by time, at first made of papier mache and foam, then in plastic material on which they are gathering layers of color, granules, pigments, elements of the natural world.
In 1993 he founded with five other artists the Cracking Art Group. Matter of choice is the plastic that also becomes a vehicle for social and ecological commitment. Participates with the group, the 49th Venice Biennale with the installation Sos World: more than a thousand of recycled and gold plastic turtles who occupy the gardens around the historic halls. Back at the Biennale, always with the Group, in 2011 and 2013.
Performances and installations badged Cracking Art Group, carried out his own artistic research, focusing in the first years of the millennium on Resinfilm, layers of resins, pigments, natural and artificial objects, matrix subsequent rounds Stratofilm plexiglass and Shape, shapes that each contain a their universe.
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