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Fidia Faleschetti

Italy Born in: 1977
Fidia Faleschetti was born on 29 August 1977 in Loreto, Italy, where he lives and works today.

Fidia Falaschetti is one of those artists who after having followed a curriculum linked to the graphic arts (Academy of art in Florence) has launched professionally in the field of communication and is very quickly felt flange. How can we be bloomed in his business when it has so many ideas in the heads to express and they are not always in agreement with the values advocated by capitalism and the communication that goes with it.

Graphic Designer, illustrator and photographer who worked in the world of advertising and communication, Fidia Falaschetti, reappropriates the values advocated by capitalism and the communication in order to turn it into a joke through the installation, the drawing or yet the sculpture.

With force and irony, it beckons the viewer in a "ratcheting up" of objects and absurd situations. The red apple keen of Apple Care, ready to be unpinned, or the stork delivering a garbage bag of Born to Be has linked are as much of tracks in response to the non-sense of contemporary society.

There are a lot of artists "street" who criticize the media world but without really knowing except some such as Fidia Flaschetti, who knows the same very well because it has been for a long time in the world of communication that he was then abandoned for a totally different world: contemporary art.

The artist incorporates simple principles which are the principles of the pop culture, very colorful, filled with symbols and codes of globalization, as well as the tabloids.

Of course, all these informations are not there to create a conflict, on the contrary, they make us reflect to us, to our place in the world and to try to see how we can make it better for all.
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Fidia  Faleschetti, Apple Care (Green edition), Sculpture

Fidia Faleschetti

Apple Care (Green edition), 2017
4.7 x 3.9 x 3.1 inch

$ 982

Fidia  Faleschetti, Apple Care Porcelain, Sculpture

Fidia Faleschetti

Apple Care Porcelain, 2016
3.5 x 2.8 x 2.8 inch

$ 368

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