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Morocco Born in: 1989 Emergent Artist

Born in 1989 in Tangiers, Saïd Sabir is an emerging artist in the street art scene.

For him, street art is more than a movement or a technique, it is first and foremost a way of seeing life. Saïd Sabir has been drawing ever since he was a kid, but his true vocation revealed itself in his teens with the discovery of hip hop and graffiti.

After studying graphic design, the Moroccan artist made his first paintings in 2011. They displayed the influence of pop art in the beginning, but his production got richer ever since. Saïd Sabir found his style little by little. Working with both spray paint and brushes on canvas, he managed to kept his spontaneity alive, while staying in control during the process, and choosing with great care each color he used. Sabir is a perfectionist though, and he reinvents his technique and improves his style ceaselessly. He likes to meet new artists during his travels and his style displays the marks of these influences. He never stops learning, and that is the only thing that matters to him.

His painting offers itself generously in his works. Each portrait delivers a message, has a narrative. He often stresses the importance of each of them in his personal life; they tell stories about people he meets, and they become witnesses of these moments. Saïd Sabir believes that the artist has an immense power, similar to the Divine force : that of creation. 

In parallel with his colorful portraits that have become his trademark, Saïd Sabir is part of numerous projects. He is a comics author producing work such as Killer Network, Piece of Moon ou Wolves... He also makes screen printed t-shirts.

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