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Nguyen The Dung

Born in: 1985

Viet Nam


Born in 1985 Nguyen The Dung - an emerging artist from Vietnam - is a graduate of Vietnam University of Fine Arts in Hanoi where he got his Bachelor's degree and is currently undergoing a master course in painting.

The departure point of Nguyen The Dung's paintings is a realistic description yet his style transforms into surrealism and, to some extent, into pop-art. Dung possesses an uncommon palette in which the hues and tones seem like an echo of a remote place and time in pale purple, light pink, ochre, grey - all invoking nostalgia, anxiety and regret.
Fashionable office guys in identically striped shirts, suits, shining black shoes are in human bodies but having cow heads - they are the same, sticking together, overlapping each over, lined up in ranks and files in linear perspective.

The composed setting in which the identical human cows line up alludes to the cattle-herd mentality which is so popular in the present society from the way of dressing to the way of thinking. People turned out to be identical in their feelings they copy each other both in a fashionable sadness or fashionable happiness.

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