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Antoine Cadeo

Editor-in-chief at AMA

This week, Antoine Cadeo, editor-in-chief of AMA and director of operations at A&F Markets, offers you his selection. On this occasion, we caught up with him and asked him a few questions.

{Artsper} Could you tell us a little about AMA and when did it start ?
{Antoine Cadeo} Four years ago, there wasn’t any news agency or information flow dedicated to the art market. We wished to create a media where collectors and professionals could have permanent access to information. That is why we created Art Media Agency 2010.
AMA provides daily information that is factual, precise and as detailed as possible for our readers. We edit approximately 150 articles per week that are available on our website, Google News, Twitter, through our app and other media partners. A selection of them are reviewed and edited, illustrated and send by email to our weekly readers through our publication: the “Newslette Professionnelle d’AMA”.

{A} Do you think you can develop the concept and how?
{AC} Since its creation, AMA has evolved a lot, in 2010, only the content agency and its website existed. Then in 2011, we started our first publication through the “Newsletter Professionnelle” that we have stopped updating by integrating new sections or changing the design. During the summer of 2013, we launched the AMA Iphone application. We also started producing a daily journal during the FIAC that was very successful since we produced the equivalent of 160 pages and distributed 100 000 copies in 5 days.
Along this, we have worked a lot to export our content internationally with numerous partners and correspondents around the world.
Of course, we will continue to develop our support and the agency. Certain projects are not official yet, but we are definitely pursuing our daily journal printing in other art fairs. The next upcoming event is set for spring 2014 !

{A} How do you chose the topics of your newsletter?
{AC} We are very focused on the economy of the art market and new technologies that are changing this field. However that doesn’t keep us from covering the daily news that ultimately dictates our editorial choices.

{A} Could you tell us a little more about A&F markets?
{AC} A&F markets is a young company where art and economy meet. The principal goal is to make the art market more accessible. This means above all the establishment of continuous information, a new open market place and analytical tools.
Historically, we started art Exchange, a financial market place allowing the purchase and selling of undivided shares of artworks. Along the way, we answered a few inadequacies and flaws of the art market by starting three other services : AMA, Art Analytics and the publication of a guide on fiscal policy for world collectors. This guide details taxation of collectors from 86 countries during the purchase, the acquisition and disposal of a work of art. Finally, Art Analytics is a service of economic valorization of art. We produce quantitative analyses (statistics) that answer financial related questions that collectors or art professionals may ask themselves.

{A} What is AMA’s proudest achievement?
{AC} We have reached more than 120 000 subscribers! As far as I know, no specialized publication in our field can claim to such a wide readership. Our great pride is also to have reached an international audience since 80% of our viewers are English speaking.
More generally, I think little by little we are changing market player’s expectations towards specialized press. We have noticed that since we have started more and more economic issuesare present in art related media.

{A} What artistic event are you most excited about for 2014?
{AC} I am looking forward to the Lucio Fontana retrospective at the Musée d’art modern of Paris. It’s an artist I am not very familiar with. There is also the exhibition on Rembrandt at the National Gallery in London. Those are the two big venues I want to go see, for the rest we will see what 2014 has to offer…

{A} A recent artistic discovery that has made a strong impression on you?
{AC} the dresses by designer Dice Kayek that has won the Jameel Prize and that are exhibited at the moment at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Actually a lot of French artists are represented among the finalists. Laurent Mareschal’s installations for example are pretty amazing.

{A} Are you a collector? If so, what is your last acquisition?
{AC} No, I do not consider myself as a collector, but hopefully it will come.

{A} What do you think of Artsper’s project?
{AC} Artsper is an ambitious project that deserves some attention. When you exceed a certain price threshold, it is very difficult to sell art like on eBay by simply putting in contact the buyer and the seller. We must create new systems. That is what Artsper is doing. It’s inventive and daring.

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Li Wei, Li Wei falls to the car, Photography

Li Wei

Li Wei falls to the car, 2003
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Li Wei, 29 Levels of Freedom, Photography

Li Wei

29 Levels of Freedom, 2003
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Li Wei, Bright Apex - 75-04, Photography

Li Wei

Bright Apex - 75-04, 2007
26.4 x 39.4 x 1.2 inch

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