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Pascale Cayla

Journalist and curator

Artsper met with Pascale Cayla, founder of the contemporary art agency « L’art en Direct » to know a little more about her.

{Artsper} Why did you want to start Vitrine Am? Could you tell us a little about it?
{Pascale} Vitrine Am is the natural prolongation of the agency L’art en Direct and its conception of art as a tool of communication for enterprises. Vitrine am is a space entirely dedicated to the multiple and fascinating relationships that exist between art and brands. After 20 years of experience, we wanted to leave our mark and share our experience. We also have noticed that France is way behind with the rest of the world regarding branding and art. Everywhere, brands can express themselves through art or artists can put forward the interactions they have with brands. The Vitrine Am wants to restore this balance.

{A} What can Art bring to enterprises nowadays?
{P} Art in enterprises must promote innovation, development of strong visions and enrich the mind of its associates. Patronage also represents a civic mission, a responsible act.

{A} Have companies become the new patrons? How does this company patronage translate?
{P} Companies have not yet replaced individual patrons. There is no typical patronage and all enterprises, whatever their size or field of activity can become patrons to develop a strong relationship with an artist and support its artistic work.

{A} What are the next projects for your agency and your exhibition space?
{P} Presently the exhibition Zeus is centered on unauthorized relations between artists and brands. RETROVIZEVRS questions a new aspect in the relation between art and brands. Struggling between love and hate, don’t brands need the artist to confront, destabilize them and at the same time allow them to renew themselves? On the other way round, could brands be a motivator of creation for the artist? We are already preparing an exhibition that will take place during the FIAC around the work of Robert Filliou? You will know more during the following months.

{A} Any artistic crush recently ?
{P} This year’s revelation is the work of Oliver Beer, a young British artist that works with sound and architecture, memories of places. He is currently represented by the gallery Thaddeus Ropac. An artist to watch out for in the years to come !

{A} The cultural event that you are most excited for in 2014?
{P} Without a doubt, the Marcel Duchamp exhibition at the Centre Pompidou.

{A} What do you think about the Artsper project ?
{P} I think it’s a great opportunity for the public that doesn’t always venture to cross the threshold of the galleries, to have access to contemporary art online and dive in an infinite source of creativity. It is also a unique opportunity for the artists and their galleries to reach a larger audience through new media. A fantastic access to culture!

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