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Margaux Avril

Singer and passionate of photography

Today, Artsper met with Margaux Avril, a young singer signed at Universal records. Also passionate about photography, and a student at the Ecoles de Condé, she never really abandoned her passion for contemporary art and tells us about the relations between both arts. {Artsper}: Margaux, could you tell us a little about yourself? {Margaux Avril}: I can try! I am Franco-American, and I have always lived in Paris. I am 23 and I am a writer/performer for Capitol/Universal Music France. I am also passionate about photography. I try to practice it as much as possible. {A} You studied photography at the Ecoles de Condé of Paris. Have you ever thought of making a living out of it? {M} Yes of course. It was the actual purpose of doing this school, become professional… Then music appeared, it has become my principal “job” but I am slowly but surely going back to photography to try and achieve my first passion. {A} How did you go from photography to music? How are you managing today between both activities? {M} I have always been crazy about music without thinking for a second it would become a real job. But it came to me very fast. I was still at school when I signed at Universal and it all went so fast that I didn’t really think about how I was going to manage these two passions. However today, I am inspired by what the music industry brings me to photograph. In that way, I think the link between the two was a natural choice. Music to me is a huge opportunity for me in learning about photography, video and artistic direction. {A} What are your main sources of inspiration? {M} I feed off images. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest because it is a great source of pictures and inspirations. Also, I use this platform to create my mood boards. I am very into cinema and I try to read as much as possible. But at the end I’m motivated by things that surround me. I think the everyday life should be sublimed. Noticing an atmosphere, a lighting, a harmony or even an exchange, a meeting, an emotion to enhance them… {A} Do you have any particular interest in contemporary art ? Do you have a favorite artist? {M} It’s impossible to choose one in particular! I have a soft spot for Mathias Kiss’ installations, Bernaudt Smilde, to photography of course and at the moment Stephen Shore (I have discovered the last book published about his work and the front picture “ginger shore” reminds me of a Hockney painting). Also, Mark Rothko’s paintings, Matisse, Soulages… {A} The last Exhibition that impressed you? {M} It was a retrospective on the work of photographer René Burri at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie. Before that, this summer, I discovered the collection at the Berardo Museum in Lisbon. A timeless moment among more than 800 contemporary works of art. {A} What do you think of Artsper and its concept of selling online? {M} I think it’s very beautiful to want to make art more “accessible”. Art should be part of our daily lives, of everyone and I think that is what Artsper is doing. So congratulations and may it last! {A} What are your next projects for 2015? {M} Finish my second album! Continue to photograph and participate to new exhibitions…!
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