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LosOtros Mj Tom

LosOtros Mj Tom


European Visual Artist Mj Tom chooses not to share any personal information. Since 2000 he established the Visual Poetry | Urban Art Group LosOtros with his alter ego Andrea Nada. Seeing that, he lived between Barcelona, Paris and Berlin... Irreverent and fleeting, able to define himself as a copy machine of art, sarcastic and deliberately anonymous, he questions almost every probable fact. The veneer of normality... the history as written... the common way of understanding... and oneself as a part of it.... As he remarks “I don’t want to be known “about me”. I am not trying to be elusive as some people might say. I just think what is important is the Work, not the Artist. I want people to enjoy my work on their … space, not based on who I am, where I have studied or where I have exhibited... I don’t want to intervene between the “Other” and the “Work”. I want to live quietly behind it… and pass away sometime quietly...” Mj Tom's body of work includes mixed media, collage, sculture and installations and has been exhibited at London, Paris, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Dubai. He lives and works in Miami, FL, USA.
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