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Eric Basstein


Dutch artist Eric Basstein started painting on an early age and at the age of 19 he went to art school. Although he didn’t had the right degree the school decided to take him in by judging his work. After two years he decided to quit school and start focussing on one of his other passions, music. He first made a name for himself in his hometown Eindhoven and soon after that other parts of The Netherlands followed. As a dj he got in contact with well known dj’s and producers, who worked with him as a dj and also as an illustrator. After 10 years in the music scene he felt that the need to paint again got bigger and bigger. In 2015 Eric decided to switch back to painting and this time with full focus. He took his experience from his musical background with him, and used that for his paintings. It was the way how electronic music is produced that showed many similarities with painting. The use of multiple layers and all sorts of existing samples to create a new song inspired him. This is how Eric came up with the idea to make collages with samples of old paintings, comic books and fashion magazines. These collages are sketches for his paintings. Eric’s blend of the historical and modern is sublime. His paintings blends realist figurative work inspired by old masters with abstractions taken from comic books and fashion. His work combines contemporary and classical references to create an astonishingly resonant dialogue with the viewer. In 2016 his work got noticed by dj/producer Martin Garrix who asked him to create a painting for his song ’Spotless’. And more recent he was asked by Nike to create a painting for nike air max day.
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