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Canadian contemporary art galleries

Never had the opportunity to experience a Canadian gallery? What should you expect, and what do you need to know? Luckily, Artsper has insider intel! Historically, Canadian art has largely been centered around grande, majestic landscapes that make the viewer feel the expansive freedom of the "new world". Perhaps you recognize The Group of Seven or Emily Carr, artists who shaped Canadian art. In more recent years, Canadian galleries have attempted to integrate more Indigenous art and culture into the now highly colonized institution. What does this entail? Galleries have begun to acknowledge that they are on Indigenous land. Canada is a vast country, and there are countless different Indigenous communities whose regional diversity is now being recognized and celebrated! Today, galleries may hold traditional smudging ceremonies, where sage is burned in new exhibits to purify and cleanse the space. To further demonstrate support, female and two-spirit artists are given their due, often with dedicated exhibitions as well. Lastly, art labels are naturally written in English and French; now they may also include Indigenous languages!  

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