American contemporary art galleries

The United States is full of world-class museums, making it one of the top epicenters for art! Discover immaculate art from coast to coast! You have surely heard of Miami's Art Basel, Art San Diego, Illinois' Art on the Square, or the Smithsonian in Washington. Regardless of where you attend an art fair, you will undoubtedly find the best of today's artists and galleries! American's have been a leading source of innovation, creativity, and progression when it comes to pushing the limits of art. For example, consider Jeff Koons, Mary Cassatt, Damien Hirst, or Jackson Pollock... all artists who made a significant impact in the art world due to their unique techniques and perspectives. Luckily, galleries are the public's source for finding these established or emerging artists. The United States' market is in a simultaneous state of constant flux and growth. As such a large nation, America is capable of producing an astonishing amount of artistic diversity! This is evident with each and every regional gallery's unique character. 

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