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Ibadan From December 19, 2022 to January 22, 2023

Emmanuel Ojebola was born in southwest Nigeria Eruwa, Oyo state in the late 90s. He had his secondary education at Baptist Model High School Sango, Eruwa, where he developed his interest in art during his junior secondary school education. His interest in art came from learning from his then-creative art teacher (Mr. Segun Adesope) before proceeding to improve his art skills at THE IBARAPA POLYTECHNIC ERUWA.

He loves to work with mixed media but majorly with coffee and acrylic and oil.
He focuses on the sensual nature of art, aiming to depict the mind, mood, and expression of humans and the complications that come with life and survival simply because, eyes don't lie and the body speaks louder, clearer, and truer than voice. He creates his pieces through the use of coffee and the texture it brings out.

His works are expressions of his experience as a result, retains his originality in every touch of his brush. Art to him is a medium of telling his story and showing the world and women (especially, due to his experience while growing through tough times with his mother) to be strong, irrespective of the situation(s) they and themselves, and be independent. He combine realism and abstraction together to express his thought with the use of his coffee to depict his life experience and tell stories of his society.

Emmanuel now practices as a full-time studio artist with a well-known and talented artist Oluwole Omofemi. And he sees the likes of Gustav Klimt, Oluwole Omofemi, and some of his colleagues as inspirational figures. He sees art as a part of him and a medium for him to
express his feelings and communicate with the outside world in relation to what is going on around him and the way he sees the world and its beauty of it.

He believes there are many ways change can be made and art is definitely his choice through it he'll play his part in passing the message of a better world and greater humanity across all lands. Art is truly from the heart!
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Emmanuel Ojebola

Emmanuel Ojebola