Working as an independent designer since 1994, Laurent Durieux was noticed in 2011 with his poster François à l'Américaine, created on the occasion of an exhibition commemorating the work of director Jacques Tati, which allowed him to be contacted by several publishers and American galleries including the Mondo gallery or even Plakat based in Paris for which he has been making alternative film posters.

Though he's spent two decades as a designer and teacher, the 42-year-old Brussels illustrator and graphic artist was only recently discovered in the United States, thanks to a number of high-profile awards and marquee commissions, including a 2013 screenprint of “Jaws", which caught the eye of the film's director, Steven Spielberg. 

The climb from relative obscurity began, though, in 2011, when Durieux was named one of the world's 200 Best Illustrators by the influential international advertising magazine Lürzer's Archive.

His work is appreciated by American directors, notably Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, and Paul Thomas Anderson.

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All artworks of Laurent Durieux
Print, Halloween (regular version), Laurent Durieux

Halloween (regular version)

Laurent Durieux

Print - 91.44 x 60.96 x 0.2 cm Print - 36 x 24 x 0.1 inch


Print, Chinatown (regular), Laurent Durieux

Chinatown (regular)

Laurent Durieux

Print - 90 x 60 x 0.2 cm Print - 35.4 x 23.6 x 0.1 inch


Print, Double Cameo (Regular Edition), Laurent Durieux

Double Cameo (Regular Edition)

Laurent Durieux

Print - 60 x 50 x 0.2 cm Print - 23.6 x 19.7 x 0.1 inch


Print, Double Caméo ( Variant ), Laurent Durieux

Double Caméo ( Variant )

Laurent Durieux

Print - 50 x 60 x 0.1 cm Print - 19.7 x 23.6 x 0 inch


Print, Music hole, Laurent Durieux

Music hole

Laurent Durieux

Print - 80 x 60 x 0.2 cm Print - 31.5 x 23.6 x 0.1 inch


Print, Le mépris (Variant), Laurent Durieux

Le mépris (Variant)

Laurent Durieux

Print - 60 x 90 x 0.2 cm Print - 23.6 x 35.4 x 0.1 inch


Print, La Piscine, Laurent Durieux

La Piscine

Laurent Durieux

Print - 61 x 91.5 cm Print - 24 x 36 inch


Print, Le Mépris (Regular), Laurent Durieux

Le Mépris (Regular)

Laurent Durieux

Print - 60 x 90 x 0.2 cm Print - 23.6 x 35.4 x 0.1 inch


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What is Laurent Durieux’s artistic movement?
The artistic movements of the artists are: Contemporary Illustration
When was Laurent Durieux born?
The year of birth of the artist is: 1970