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Black Painters

Black painters have long been sidelined by the art world. However, contemporary Black art is now one of the most dynamic sectors of the market. Above all, today's society, as well as art history experts, are gradually beginning to value the enormous cultural wealth that the Black community brings to world history. Black culture has made it possible to revolutionize art, just think of Jean-Michel Basquiat or Faith Ringgold. Many Black figurative painters, such as Omar Logang or Ange Kumbi, have further enriched this colorful, powerful and emotional movement. As some famous artists are now completely established, emerging artists like Barthélémy Toguo in painting or Thandiwe Muriu in photography stand out.

What are you waiting for? Discover this overdue recognition, which remains a strong trend in the contemporary art market. Let yourself be carried away by the colors, the sense of aestheticism and the cultural richness of the Black artistic community. Looking for a lasting investment or wanting to support young Black artists? These creators are on the rise, and are establishing themselves within the world of contemporary art, finally finding the visibility and attention they deserve.

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