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Ben Heine

Cote D'Ivoire Born in: 1983
Ben Heine is a Belgian artist born in 1983 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, where he spent the first seven years of his life. His family relocated in Brussels, Belgium, in 1990. His father was a commercial engineer and his mother a choreographer and a dance teacher.

Ben Heine started drawing at 11 year old and quickly understood that graphic art was a powerful tool of communication and expression. At that time until recently, his curiosity for drawing was his keenest interest. Ben Heine has produced through the years a huge number of artworks. He is currently best known for his original series "Pencil Vs Camera", "Digital Circlism" and "Flesh and Acrylic".

He has a degree in Journalism and is a self-taught person in drawing, digital photography and music. His graphic creations have been exhibited widely in Europe and more recently in Asia and Russia. His favorite art movements are Surrealism, Pop Art, Geometric Abstraction, Expressionism and Social Realism.
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Ben Heine, Bob Marley, Fine Art Drawings

Ben Heine

Bob Marley, 2014
39.4 x 31.5 x 1.2 inch
Fine Art Drawings


Ben Heine, Pencil versus Camera 23 , Fine Art Drawings

Ben Heine

Pencil versus Camera 23 , 2014
22 x 26 x 1.2 inch
Fine Art Drawings


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