Delicate Sculptures

Sculpture comes in many forms, from classically-inspired figures to Pop Art objects. As old as the history of art itself, it has served different functions in various civilizations throughout history, and continues to be a prominent art form today. 

Contemporary artists are expanding the boundaries of sculpture, using it to explore elements of our tangible reality such as texture, material, form, and weight. The three-dimensional nature of sculpture makes it the ideal art form for doing this. Traditional sculpture mediums like stone can be manipulated to create delicate, organic forms, challenging our perception of stone as a crude and robust material, while soft and flimsy materials like cloth can be manipulated to make their delicate and flowing qualities fixed and permanent. 

At Artsper, we have selected some of our current favorite artists producing delicate sculptures in a diverse range of materials. From Elena Della Corna to Anastasiya Protsenko, join us today on an exploration of delicate sculptural works!

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