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From NFTs to pixel art, digital art is slowly carving a place for itself within the art scene. And for good reason! Digital art is a broad term, encompassing any artistic practice that somehow incorporates technology within its process. This creates a lot of diverse possibilities for digital artists, who can focus on audio, video, algorithms, virtual reality or graphic design and media art. 

It was in 1985 that digital art found its beginnings, unsurprisingly by the hand of the all-time favorite, Andy Warhol. He unveiled a picture of Debbie Harry at the Lincoln Center in New York, using an Amiga computer to run a graphics program of the image. The software, called ProPaint, gave life to the image by adding colors and filling in shapes in typical Warhol fashion.  

Since then, many famous digital artists have followed in the white-wigged artist's lead. Among them, there's the famous James Turrell or the artists behind the CAVE project, a virtual environment installation created through projectors that evoke Plato's allegory of the cave. There are also artists that rely on artistic digitizers or algorithms as their means of creation, like the French couple Frédéric Durieu & Nathalie Erin. Others, like Evelyne Huet, use their mathematical training to influence their artistic practice. 

Discover everything that digital art has to offer with Artsper's selection of contemporary digital artists. From Johanna Tordjman to Bill Kane, you're sure to find your match!

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