Dutch Landscape Painters

From Van Gogh to Rembrandt, Dutch landscape painters have created some of the most iconic landscape paintings throughout the history of art. Landscape painting is a hugely varied genre, and in 2021 landscape painting can encompass anything from traditional nature paintings to environmental activism, cityscapes or highly abstract scenes. 

Marko Klomp's stunning landscapes often depict countryside or coastal scenes through muted pastel tones and a hazy, blurred effect, which creates a comforting, dreamlike atmosphere throughout his artworks. Moving away from the countryside into urban spaces, artist Max Baris' work focuses on cityscapes, depicting city skylines, railway stations and even construction sites. 

Some Dutch landscape painters create less traditional images in their work. For example, one artist who takes an environmentally aware stand with his work is Demiak. His paintings depict landscapes in the wake of natural disasters, and in turn bring awareness to the consequences of global warming. Meanwhile, artist Els Kampert uses a signature paint pouring technique to create her paintings. The result is an almost psychedelic, highly abstract piece that captures the ambiance of a landscape rather than its likeness. 

Explore these artists' different approaches to this iconic genre through Artsper's stunning and varied selection of Dutch landscape painters!

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