Famous Black Artists

Black artists are finally receiving the recognition they deserve after centuries of historical oppression that descended into the artistic space. Beginning in the Post-War period, relations between racial groups, especially in America, began to ease. 

These famous Black artists have entered the artistic canon of the West through sheer determination and talent alone. Without a helping hand, the artists were able to revolutionize historic institutions through their evolutionary vision. Featuring Jean-Michel Basquiat, Chris Ofili, Kara Walker, David Hammons, Mark Bradford, Lorna Simpson, Carrie Mae Weems and more, this list is by no means exhaustive. Whilst this curation of Black artists privileges those that have made it through to fame, there are many emerging and lesser-known Black artists worthy of your attention. 

The works of these artists sometimes explore poignant recurring themes surrounding a narrative of the experiences of African Americans in the African diaspora. Identity is at the core of many depictions by Black artists trying to distinguish their relationship between the modern world and their heritage. In abstract, figurative and other forms of contemporary art the struggles and triumphs of racial identity are explored. Reflecting on past and current trauma as well as joy and daily life, these iconic artists are championing the best of Black contemporary art. 

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