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Philippe Hérard

France Born in: 1966
Philippe Herard was born in Châlons-en-Champagne in 1966. He devoted himself to painting right since he was a teenager. His acrylic on canvas works are exhibited in galleries but also in fairs in France and abroad. Since 2009, Philippe Herard completed his work on canvas by developing his anonymous character on paper, which he stuck on the walls of Paris....and elsewhere.

Meeting Philippe Herard always triggers strong emotions, from surprise to exultation. When the passer-by stops to observe his modest looking characters on the walls of the city. A fixed grin is usually combined with questions on the human nature, often simple but sometimes existential.

Philippe Herard's work is in contrast with the image of the artist as it reveals a lot about himself but a little about us as well. Those who draw the energy of life, the depths of our innermost self, something which doesn't need to be commented as everything is already said. His work has a deep impact through its sensitivity, humor, poetry and accuracy of situations, which point out several paradoxes of a Man in lifelong questioning.

Sometimes a minimalist, sometimes swamped by the unlikely accumulations, between balance and instability, freedom and imprisonment, gentleness and anxiety, derision and depth, the works of Philippe Herard walks us through his world of spontaneous whims.

"When you look at the collages of Philippe Herard in the street-such as naked men girded with mud, one can wonder if it isn't life itself who has created this balanced effect for these characters in an unstable posture. This the city, that seems to give an allegorical meaning to their status in the society. When the shaky portrayal becomes an urban legend...".
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Philippe Hérard, Cent regards 1, Print

Philippe Hérard

Cent regards 1, 2019
7.9 x 7.9 inch

$ 101

Philippe Hérard, Cent-Titres, Print

Philippe Hérard

Cent-Titres, 2017
31.5 x 23.6 inch

$ 245

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