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Chantal Cheuva


Chantal Cheuva, originally from the North of France, was trained at the Beaux Arts in Lille and Roubaix. A sculptor since she was 20, she revisits the female body to create a powerful representation full of sensitivity and softness. Year-round, she runs a live models workshop as well as themed workshops and weekends.

The artist produces works close to expressionism and manages to stand out with his singular and spontaneous style. She likes to work on oppositions, the duality between the power of bodies releasing a childish energy. She plays on soft and sensual feminine details by sculpting updos and voluptuous shapes, while emphasizing the raw character of her creations. She seeks to transcribe emotions through postures and erects strong and united women. Chantal Cheuva says she carves “my feet anchored in the earth with a thread that stretches me towards the sky" in the image of her elongated shapes, she describes her anchoring and that of women in life. She lets matter express itself in working by planes and seeks to emanate a strong energy from his massages.

Recently, she embarked on the Women on the Move project where the artist creates a series of sculptures representing women united despite their differences. Indeed, she offers a diversity of bodies: large, small, round, thin, with drawn features or breathing youth, the artist depicts the woman in all her forms and through all ages. They seem united by a common destiny. “It's a reinterpretation of their lives, from teenagers to more mature women," says Chantal Cheuva. They are humble women in their nakedness, bearers of hope and bearers of life. ". The project will be completed within 2 years.

To create her sculptures, she uses molded plaster earth, bronze, terracotta or even resin.

The artist is present in many personal and collective exhibitions, his work is positioned in various international art fairs. Since 2010, she has been a permanent artist in various European galleries.

“When I sculpt, it comes from the stomach. To create for me is a state of urgency and impatience, linked to life and to the passage of time. »C. Cheuva

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Our recommendations Chantal Cheuva, Nichée, Sculpture

Chantal Cheuva

Nichée, 2017
11.8 x 22.8 x 7.9 inch

$ 8,300

Chantal Cheuva, Assise 2, Sculpture

Chantal Cheuva

Assise 2, 2020
12.2 x 11 x 3.9 inch

$ 5,282

Chantal Cheuva, Assise 1, Sculpture

Chantal Cheuva

Assise 1, 2020
12.2 x 3.9 x 11 inch

$ 5,282

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Collective sculpture exhibition

Galerie Bouillon d'Art

Collective sculpture exhibition
From August 23, 2018 To September 30, 2018


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