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Samuel Lugassy

France Born in: 1975

It is through his uncle, passionate madman who transmits the virus to him, that Samuel enters into photography. And it is armed with his Nikormat, not offered this mentor that he takes his first steps.

At 17 years old ; he scours the Cannes festival for, without accreditation, to confront the pros.

He then studied history and became assistant to Guy Pascal, still life photographer whose talent lives on the pages of major women's magazines. He continues his apprenticeship by being an assistant at Studio Elle, a new structure where the photographers who make the magazine express themselves, but which also welcomes the sizes that wish it. He trains his eye and his technique to their contacts.

Permanent collaborator of Sofa magazine, the ancestor of So Foot and its derivatives, he then specialized in portraiture. Convinced that this is the best way for him to tell stories and lives.

Today Free lance, he continues his adventure by realizing personal works always on this theme. These last trips took him to the east of Europe, and every encounter at the edge of a road or in a sports club feeds his quest and his work on identity.

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Samuel Lugassy, Hristina, Photography

Samuel Lugassy

Hristina, 2013
31.5 x 25.6 x 0.4 inch

$ 1,389

Samuel Lugassy, Ivailo & Denis, Photography

Samuel Lugassy

Ivailo & Denis, 2013
31.5 x 25.6 x 0.4 inch

$ 1,359

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