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Christian Della Giustina

France Born in: 1959

Christian Della Giustina, born in 1959, is both a painter and a sculptor.

Of Italian origin, son of a renowned art cabinetmaker, Christian Della Giustina has always felt attracted by an artistic vocation that his time at the Corvisart school and at the Boule school has only reinforced.

It is the search for an aesthetic emotion that encourages him to constantly return to the work, preferring to interpret the forms in his own way, without having recourse to live models. He allows himself to make small language deviations from realism, so that his pieces are always more harmonious. In search of a beauty that would defy time, Christian Della Giustina recreates life, models it and transforms it with sensitivity. He offers us works with delicately modeled volumes, more alive and moving than ever. The artist expresses himself through the lightness of his gestures and lingers on the smallest details in order to reveal the soft and perfect curves of his enigmatic and elegant women.

The treatment of postures, the ease of attitudes and the apprehension of space help to give his nudes a daring personality imbued with modernism. But behind the sculptor recognized by these peers and the public for these magnificent bronzes, of classical influence, also hides ... the painter. Indeed, the artist reveals to us another facet of his talent, that of Painter and, what is more, of modern painter, in the tradition of pop art, passing to color in a spectacular way.

The techniques are different, but his obsession with the search for aesthetics is still intact. What he likes above all is to reveal an expression through his works, to emphasize the depth of a look, to convey an emotion, to capture attention. It is especially intuition that speaks for him. The marriage of colors is not necessarily obvious at the first stroke of the brush, but the desire to paint with this “flashy” palette, these bright colors, is essential for the artist today. Just like the colors, the faces come quite instinctively. He tries to capture femininity as a whole. His faces are sometimes enigmatic, the color gives them a feline side.

The whole of his work invites us to the greatest respect, so much Christian Della Giustina restores the beauty of faces and bodies with naturalness, modesty and an attention to detail which no longer needs to be demonstrated.

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Few works remaining by Christian Della Giustina

These are the last remaining works by Christian Della Giustina.
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Christian Della Giustina, L'art est fait pour troubler, Sculpture

Christian Della Giustina

L'art est fait pour troubler, 2021
21.7 x 10.2 x 8.7 inch


Christian Della Giustina, Bleu Azur, Sculpture

Christian Della Giustina

Bleu Azur, 2019
15.7 x 12.6 x 5.1 inch


Christian Della Giustina, Coquillage Corne de Gazelle, Sculpture

Christian Della Giustina

Coquillage Corne de Gazelle, 2016
17.3 x 24.4 x 10.2 inch


Christian Della Giustina, sans titre (portrait homme), Painting

Christian Della Giustina

sans titre (portrait homme), 2016
31.5 x 29.1 x 0.8 inch


Christian Della Giustina, Femme Fatale, Painting

Christian Della Giustina

Femme Fatale, 2017
39.4 x 31.5 x 1.6 inch


Christian Della Giustina, Infinity, Painting

Christian Della Giustina

Infinity, 2017
47.2 x 39.4 x 0.4 inch


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