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Gilles Aillaud

France Born in: 1928 Bestsellers Masterpieces
Gilles Aillaud was born in Paris on June 5, 1928. He is the son of architect Émile Aillaud; he is a painter, author an scenographer.

Gilles Aillaud is one of the most important figures of two close artistic movements: the New Figuration and the Narrative Figuration.

The main theme of his work is the representation of animals in zoos.

During the ?50s, he paints birds and marine landscapes using the collage of mixed materials: plaster, cotton, and netting for the representation of a predator; plastic and sand for the representation of the sea and the shore. All these subjects are essential parts of his future visual language.

He had his first solo show at the Niepce Gallery in Paris, in 1952. Gilles Aillaud has works in complete isolation for several years.

In 1961, he meets Eduardo Arroyo, with whom he shares the same views about art and politics. In 1962 he marries Camille Couturier and they have a daughter in 1965, Marie Aillaud, and a son in 1973, Arthur Aillaud. In 1964, Gilles Aillaud becomes a member of the Comité du Salon de la jeune peinture (The Committee of the Salon for Young Painting) and becomes the president of the Committee one year later.

In his works on paper, Aillaud uses watercolor and lithography techniques, with an economy of means and a great simplicity: for example, a crocodile is suggested by a black line with a few shadows, a lion and some monkeys are suggested by a few colored spots.
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Gilles Aillaud, Tennis, Print

Gilles Aillaud

Tennis, 1982
29.9 x 22 inch

$ 806

Gilles Aillaud, Roland Garros, Print

Gilles Aillaud

Roland Garros, 1984
29.5 x 22.4 inch

$ 744

Gilles Aillaud, Le lion, Print

Gilles Aillaud

Le lion, 1972
13.8 x 9.8 inch

$ 347

Gilles Aillaud, Serpent, Print

Gilles Aillaud

Serpent, 1972
26 x 19.7 inch

$ 2,482

Gilles Aillaud, Crocodile CXL, Print

Gilles Aillaud

Crocodile CXL, 1990
9.8 x 12.6 inch

$ 1,489

Gilles Aillaud, La paille, Print

Gilles Aillaud

La paille, 1980
19.7 x 25.6 inch

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