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Olivia Mihaltianu

Romania Born in: 1981

Olivia Mihaltianu  lives and works in Bucharest. The artist's approach is related to cross-media and process-oriented projects involving video, film, photography, object-making, installation and performance. Usually long-term projects, the works follow various visual aspects related to personal identity and social life in different cultures, political and economic situations, in a global and local context, by questioning topics such as: the role played by the artist today, archetypal human patterns, re-contextualization, and alienation. Working with specific locations, from urban fabric to deserted beaches and from mountain tops to isolated islands, filtering everything through iconic images inspired by cinema, video-art and photography, by using historic cameras and cutting-edge technologies, is an attempt to move freely through time, personal perceptions and social expectations.

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Olivia Mihaltianu, Unisex Underwear Mask, One Size Fits All, Photography

Olivia Mihaltianu

Unisex Underwear Mask, One Size Fits All, 2020
6.1 x 6.1 inch

$ 372

Few works remaining by Olivia Mihaltianu

These are the last remaining works by Olivia Mihaltianu.
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In Midst of the Worst, the Best Times

Anca Poterasu Gallery

In Midst of the Worst, the Best Times
From September 4, 2020 To September 16, 2020


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