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Joshua Jensen Nagle

United States Born in: 1981

Joshua Jensen-Nagle was born and raised in New Jersey. In 1999 he came to Canada to attended Ryerson University and began to develop his distinct photographic style. Since then he has become an established artist who has exhibited internationally in museums and galleries. His works are photographs but not in the typical documentary style that we associate photography with. Jensen-Nagle's work is more reminiscent of painting than photography, he explains;“One thing I try to achieve is a painterly aspect in my work, it's how I understand photography"

Jensen-Nagle's techniques, used to achieve his unique style, include the use of expired Polaroid film,which he says gives an extraordinary colour palette and softens the image.He also paints directly on his photographs and then re-shoots them to create an image that pushes the boundaries between the mediums.

Joshua Jensen-Nagle has been featured in Photolife, National Post, Galleries West and Canadian House and Home, Canadian Art and Art in America. His works are also found in the collections of companies including Microsoft, the Hilton Hotels, Target Canada Corporation, Maple Leaf, Cirque du Soleil and Transcontinental, among others.

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Joshua Jensen Nagle, Never Ending Swimmers, Photography

Joshua Jensen Nagle

Never Ending Swimmers, 2017
33.9 x 83.9 x 5.1 inch


Joshua Jensen Nagle, Swimmers of Rio I, Print

Joshua Jensen Nagle

Swimmers of Rio I, 2019
55.1 x 58.3 x 2 inch


Joshua Jensen Nagle, Take Me There, Photography

Joshua Jensen Nagle

Take Me There, 2019
55.1 x 57.9 x 5.1 inch


Joshua Jensen Nagle, Getting Whisked Away, Print

Joshua Jensen Nagle

Getting Whisked Away, 2019
34 x 66 x 2 inch


Joshua Jensen Nagle, Days long paradise, Photography

Joshua Jensen Nagle

Days long paradise, 2019
43 x 57 x 2.4 inch


Joshua Jensen Nagle, Peaceful Moment on Pinel Island, Photography

Joshua Jensen Nagle

Peaceful Moment on Pinel Island, 2019
40.9 x 42.9 x 2.4 inch


Joshua Jensen Nagle, Taking in The Manarola Sea, Photography

Joshua Jensen Nagle

Taking in The Manarola Sea, 2019
42.9 x 57.1 x 5.1 inch


Joshua Jensen Nagle, Ipanema II, Photography

Joshua Jensen Nagle

Ipanema II, 2016
40.9 x 42.9 x 5.1 inch


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