Art Basel 2021


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Arts, Crafts and Facts (Financial Profits, Corporate Profits, S&P, Employment), Maja Bajevic

Arts, Crafts and Facts (Financial Profits, Corporate Profits, S&P, Employment)

Maja Bajevic

Sculpture - 35.4 x 47.2 inch


At the End of the Day, Marc Bauer

At the End of the Day

Marc Bauer

Painting - 51.2 x 35.4 inch


Musik Foot - Art Book with 8 Original Screenprints, Roberto Matta

Musik Foot - Art Book with 8 Original Screenprints

Roberto Matta

Print - 21.7 x 22.8 x 0.1 inch


Art Basel 2021

Art Basel is a major art fair. Every year, passionate collectors, representatives of important art institutions, and all kinds of art lovers make their way to Basel, in Switzerland, to discover what the world's most prestigious galleries have to offer. Modern masterpieces, as well as works from rising stars of the market, are all available in one place.

In order to ensure the highest quality experience and maintain its status as a leading art fair, Art Basel has a rigorous selection process: less than 300 galleries are accepted, out of the over 1 000 which apply! In the much anticipated 2021 fair, you will be able to see 272 of the world's best art galleries, and works by more than 4 000 artists. There's a new twist, too: Art Basel Live, a digital extension of the fair, means people all over the world can discover the artworks through viewing rooms directly on their website. 

The Art Basel show comprises various different sectors, all available to the public. The main one, “Galleries", has the majority of galleries present. The “Unlimited" sector presents monumental projects only, transcending the traditional booth format. “Feature" groups exhibitions from various artists representing a variety of artistic backgrounds and practices. Finally, “Statement" is entirely dedicated to solo shows by emerging artists who are all eligible for the highly coveted “Baloise Art Prize", which offers prestige, financial support and visibility to two winners each year.

A must-see event in the art market calendar, Art Basel this year takes place on September 20-26. If you cannot make it to Basel during that time, we suggest that you discover works from participating artists and galleries in our selection below.

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