Interior Design

Giallo Dominante, Chris Carpi

Giallo Dominante

Chris Carpi

Painting - 39.4 x 40.2 x 0.8 inch


Slip Side 2, Wilma Tabacco

Slip Side 2

Wilma Tabacco

Painting - 22 x 29.9 x 2.4 inch


Sans titre, Rosette Bir

Sans titre

Rosette Bir

Sculpture - 13.4 x 14.2 x 7.5 inch


Dynamique Chromatique 853, Dario Perez-Flores

Dynamique Chromatique 853

Dario Perez-Flores

Painting - 55.1 x 55.1 inch


Columna, Dario Perez-Flores


Dario Perez-Flores

Sculpture - 74.8 x 9.8 inch


Entropê, Dominique Blais


Dominique Blais

Design - 50.2 x 20.5 x 20.5 inch


Luminária, Juan Carlos Beneyto


Juan Carlos Beneyto

Painting - 36.2 x 29.1 inch


The Alphabet (Beige), Jules Engel

The Alphabet (Beige)

Jules Engel

Print - 21.5 x 21.5 inch


Sans-Titre, Carlos Cruz-Diez


Carlos Cruz-Diez

Print - 12.6 x 12.6 inch


Xavier Mundweiler, Dan Levenson

Xavier Mundweiler

Dan Levenson

Painting - 46.9 x 33.1 inch


L 1977-3, Hans Hartung

L 1977-3

Hans Hartung

Print - 30.3 x 22 inch


Franco Sigg, Dan Levenson

Franco Sigg

Dan Levenson

Painting - 46.9 x 33.1 inch


Pink Meridian, Chelsea Davine

Pink Meridian

Chelsea Davine

Painting - 78.7 x 78.7 x 2 inch


Winter, Gina Vor


Gina Vor

Painting - 30.9 x 23.2 x 0.8 inch


Layers 3, Camil Giralt

Layers 3

Camil Giralt

Painting - 25.6 x 25.6 inch


Farandole 3, Hans Hartung

Farandole 3

Hans Hartung

Print - 19.3 x 29.1 inch


Couleur Additive Gris Tres, Carlos Cruz-Diez

Couleur Additive Gris Tres

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Print - 23.6 x 23.6 inch


Sign No. 5, Gina Vor

Sign No. 5

Gina Vor

Fine Art Drawings - 12.6 x 9.4 x 0 inch


Vertigo, Victor Vasarely


Victor Vasarely

Print - 26.75 x 22.75 inch


Sans titre, Walter Strack

Sans titre

Walter Strack

Painting - 47.2 x 31.5 x 1.8 inch


Vigor Olympic - China, Li Lihong

Vigor Olympic - China

Li Lihong

Sculpture - 6.5 x 8.5 x 2.4 inch


Apple - Fleurs, Li Lihong

Apple - Fleurs

Li Lihong

Sculpture - 17.7 x 15.4 x 15.4 inch


Elle & Moi #4, Laurent Anastay-Ponsolle

Elle & Moi #4

Laurent Anastay-Ponsolle

Fine Art Drawings - 22 x 29.9 x 0 inch


Paris, Xavier-Alexandre Pons


Xavier-Alexandre Pons

Photography - 15.7 x 23.6 x 0.4 inch


So many ways, Adeline Spengler

So many ways

Adeline Spengler

Photography - 23.6 x 23.6 x 1.2 inch


Divine, Poonam Choudhary


Poonam Choudhary

Painting - 20 x 20 x 1.5 inch


13-V-BC-180-120, Walter Strack


Walter Strack

Painting - 70.9 x 47.2 x 2 inch


Silver Glitter Bomb (Popsicle), Betsy Enzensberger

Silver Glitter Bomb (Popsicle)

Betsy Enzensberger

Sculpture - 21.1 x 10 x 21.1 inch


Tiphaine #2, Brno Del Zou

Tiphaine #2

Brno Del Zou

Photography - 39.4 x 35.4 x 6.3 inch


Fugue 3/24, J/Y Delaunay-Israël

Fugue 3/24

J/Y Delaunay-Israël

Painting - 33.5 x 45.3 x 1.2 inch


Le Violon, Terzo Yan

Le Violon

Terzo Yan

Sculpture - 13.8 x 4.7 x 2 inch


Habitat of natural forms #4, Olga Afanasiadi

Habitat of natural forms #4

Olga Afanasiadi

Painting - 27.6 x 27.6 x 0.8 inch


Le temps des chapeaux, Marcel Mariën

Le temps des chapeaux

Marcel Mariën

Photography - 3.5 x 5.1 inch


Somnium, Smoka



Painting - 31.5 x 31.5 x 1.8 inch


Fragmentation, Christiane Bernais


Christiane Bernais

Painting - 7.9 x 7.9 x 0.1 inch


Embouteillage 60 Bourgogne, Sylvain Subervie

Embouteillage 60 Bourgogne

Sylvain Subervie

Sculpture - 25.6 x 17.7 x 13.8 inch


White 1, Victor Rodriguez

White 1

Victor Rodriguez

Print - 29.9 x 22 inch


Ballet Femme (maquette), The Dancers, Paige Bradley

Ballet Femme (maquette), The Dancers

Paige Bradley

Sculpture - 30.5 x 27 x 13 inch


Equilibre, Brno Del Zou


Brno Del Zou

Sculpture - 72.8 x 70.9 x 6.7 inch


Nebulosa Omega, Aurembiaix Sabaté

Nebulosa Omega

Aurembiaix Sabaté

Painting - 23.6 x 23.6 inch


Rythme aléatoire, Florence Boré

Rythme aléatoire

Florence Boré

Painting - 7.9 x 11 x 0.1 inch


Delay (square on the angles to white / 24), Philippe Decrauzat

Delay (square on the angles to white / 24)

Philippe Decrauzat

Painting - 84.3 x 84.3 inch


QCAC 2, Caroline Leca


Caroline Leca

Painting - 57.5 x 44.9 x 1.2 inch


1 No Title 20, Monika Debus

1 No Title 20

Monika Debus

Design - 21.3 x 15 x 5.1 inch


Qcac 3, Caroline Leca

Qcac 3

Caroline Leca

Painting - 39.4 x 39.4 x 0.8 inch


Sans titre, Rosette Bir

Sans titre

Rosette Bir

Sculpture - 47.2 x 26 x 26 inch


Sarà perché ti amo, Moi.

Sarà perché ti amo


Painting - 19.7 x 19.7 x 0.6 inch


Untitled (module), Jim Kazanjian

Untitled (module)

Jim Kazanjian

Photography - 15.7 x 15.7 inch


Safari l Framed Print, Mariah Birsak

Safari l Framed Print

Mariah Birsak

Print - 23.6 x 23.6 inch


Bulldog Art, Priscilla Vettese

Bulldog Art

Priscilla Vettese

Sculpture - 9.1 x 7.1 x 4.7 inch


Interior Design

The term design comes from the French word "dessein" and "dessin". In other words, design combines both functionality and artistic creation. Although "design" is an English noun and verb, usage has also transformed it into an adjective in the language of Molière.

We speak of design decoration to evoke all the interior styles with a rather sharp decoration, whose furniture, whether antique or new, was originally thought of by architects or interior designers.

There are notable differences between the professions of artist and designer. The most obvious one is the objective. Indeed, the designer integrates a whole range of constraints and functionalities into his work with a view to marketing it. The object created responds to a problem and must therefore provide a solution. Also, if the designer is at the origin of the project of which he imagined alone at the beginning the drawing, he necessarily surrounds himself with engineers, craftsmen, contractors... On the contrary, the act of the artist, even if he can need craftsmen to carry out his creation, remains intrinsically individual, revealing his deepest self and answering no utilitarian objective.

Nevertheless, art and design complement and nourish each other. Moreover, a good designer always has a strong artistic sensibility, beyond the visual arts. Now that the distinction has been made, what is a design decoration?

Design, like artistic movements, evolves over time. But some designers have created masterpieces, timeless and characteristic. No matter the interior in which they take place, they match all styles of furniture, curtains, linens and wallpapers. They convey the essence of a particular interior design universe: industrial, minimalist, Scandinavian, vintage... All you have to do is complete with decorative objects and, above all, artworks!

To name a few of these pieces that have become cult, we think of course of Harry Bertoia's chairs and armchairs that have come back in force in recent years. Among the most famous seats of interior design, we also find the "Louge Chair and Ottoman" by Charles Eames made of leather and wood and designed in 1956 for the birthday of director Billy Wilder.

Lighting fixtures are also very popular among designers: the Pipistrello lamp by Gae Aulenti, the Atollo lamp by Vico Magistretti...

To complete your trendy decor, consider adding design objects to give your home a real soul and a warm feel. Finally, choose objects that remind you of memories such as photophores brought back from a trip, a colored decanter from your childhood home, a round mirror found to enlarge small spaces...

Obviously, a design decoration would not be complete without the presence of works of art. In an ultra-modern loft, we opt for a black and white art photograph or a design sculpture that will not clash with the Tolix bar stools. You can also imagine street art, graffiti or stencils to hang on raw brick walls. With a softer Scandinavian decor, an abstract painting with geometric patterns or a monochrome canvas seems quite appropriate.

Discover the work of famous and young emerging artists such as Monika Debus, Gina Vor or Diana Paz (DE89) in this special design selection and find the artwork that will perfect your interior.

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