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Pascal Lee

Saturn From Titan, 2020

Painting : oil 12 x 12 x 1 inch


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Pascal Lee, Saturn From Titan

About the artwork

Artwork sold in perfect condition

Saturn appears in Titan's equatorial sky during a rare break in the moon's thick organic haze. As methane rain showers recede into the distance, a transient lake of methane, dissolved nitrogen, and ethane forms. The methane and nitrogen soon evaporate, leaving behind precipitated ethane ice which slowly sublimates. Just another balmy tropical afternoon on Titan... Titan is the largest moon of Saturn and one of the largest natural satellites in the Solar System. It has a thick atmosphere, with 1.45 times the surface pressure of Earth's, made of mainly nitrogen, like Earth's. Because of this thick atmosphere, humans could survive on Titan without wearing a pressure suit. Temperatures on Titan are, however, extremely low: -180°C (-292°F), and winds can be strong. So warm, insulating clothing would be required. The atmosphere also contains methane and other toxic organic compounds, and no oxygen, so a chemical sealing suit with a face-sealing oxygen mask would be needed. Surface gravity on Titan is only 13.8% of that on Earth, or 83.5% of that on our Moon. Titan is one of the most exciting places for humans to explore. Complex organic chemistry has been evolving there for eons and may offer insights into prebiotic chemistry, chemistry that leads up to life... This is my first painting of Titan, Saturn's mysterious moon. Signed by the artist at lower right and on the back. Artist’s label affixed to the back. Framed by the artist in a chrome metal and wood frame. Frame is easy to remove.
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Dimensions cm inch
12 x 12 x 1 inch
Silver metal frame
Artwork dimensions including frame
13 x 13 x 1 inch
Unique work
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Hand-signed by artist

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Pascal Lee

Pascal Lee

United States


American artists

I am a planetary scientist who loves to draw and paint. My artwork is about space and time, and our tiny yet hopeful place in their vastness. I draw and paint about our distant past, events we've survived, our profound cosmic loneliness, and where we might go from here. 

Mars is the challenge of our time. Humans going to Mars will be greatest adventure in space exploration this century. Beyond Mars, we will journey to Saturn's moon, Titan, and one day, to the stars and deep into spacetime.

I have in my garage a primitive spacetime machine in which I can, at considerable risk, visit distant worlds and other epochs. My artwork is the travel log.

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