Preaching to the converted, 2023

by Boris Eldagsen

Print : digital art, AI image

20 x 20 x 0.1 cm 7.9 x 7.9 x 0 inch


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About the artwork


Numbered and limited to 25 copies

20 copies available


Hand-signed by artist


Sold with certificate of Authenticity from the gallery

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Print: digital art, AI image

Dimensions cm inch

20 x 20 x 0.1 cm 7.9 x 7.9 x 0 inch Height x Width x Depth


Not framed







Artwork sold in perfect condition

Artwork location: Germany

Boris Eldagsen's series "Pseudomnesia III" from 2023 is an innovative exploration of pseudo-memories, blending 1940s photography with abstract art. The term originates from ancient Greece, referring to false memories. Eldagsen's series comprises 15 unique works that bridge generative art with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The creative process involves techniques like #Textprompts, #Blend, #Imageprompts, #Inpainting, and #Outpainting. Eldagsen utilizes #Textprompts to thematically guide the AI, followed by #Blend and #Imageprompts to establish a visual framework. #Inpainting enhances visual elements, while #Outpainting expands the narrative, inviting exploration.

The result is a series of mesmerizing works, each representing the aesthetics of origami. Abstract shapes, colors, and patterns evolve, symbolizing transient beauty.

The series encourages contemplation on memory and perception in the digital age. Eldagsen's fusion of generative art and AI offers a fresh perspective on human experience. "Pseudomnesia III" celebrates the past, reflects the present, and presents a vision for the future of generative art.

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Boris Eldagsen, Preaching to the converted

Boris Eldagsen

Germany  • 1970


Boris Eldagsen, born in Germany, is an artist and photographer who stands out as a solitary figure in the German photo scene. His work is characterized by a unique vision that defies categorization within any specific school. Eldagsen's photo and video works have been exhibited in renowned galleries and institutions worldwide, employing multimedia formats to delve deeply into the subconscious, inspiring him to create ever-new and captivating visual worlds.

Since 2022, Eldagsen has begun creating photorealistic images using artificial intelligence (AI). These works mark a fascinating new phase in his artistic development. Collaborating with AI systems opens up another creative universe for Eldagsen, allowing him to push the boundaries of his artistry and explore new modes of expression. These works are distinguished by their technical sophistication and profound emotional resonance.

One of Boris Eldagsen's most notable works is "The Electrician." This piece captivates with its powerful imagery and suggestive narrative elements. Eldagsen masterfully employs visual symbols to convey complex emotional and psychological states. "The Electrician" stands as a milestone in Eldagsen's oeuvre, showcasing his talent for storytelling through images and inviting viewers to immerse themselves in captivating worlds.

We are proud to offer a selection of Boris Eldagsen's works created with the assistance of artificial intelligence as an edition. These works not only represent Eldagsen's ongoing artistic evolution but also the fascinating fusion of human creativity and technological innovation. Each piece is unique and invites viewers to delve into the captivating realm of Boris Eldagsen's imagination.

"The Electrician" originates from the series Pseudomnesia: PSEUDOMNESIA is the Latin term for pseudo-memory, for fabricated memories of events that never occurred - as opposed to a memory that is merely inaccurate. The images were created using AI generators for deep learning. Employing the visual language of the 1940s, Eldagsen produces his images as fabricated memories of a past that never existed and were never photographed by anyone. These images were conceived through language and revised 20 to 40 times by AI image generators, combining techniques such as "Inpainting," "Outpainting," and "Prompt Whispering."

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