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Neon Sculpture for Sale


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Dominus move machine, O'clock

Dominus move machine


Sculpture - 58.3 x 54.3 x 5.9 inch


Faith (neon artwork), Batik

Faith (neon artwork)


Sculpture - 40 x 40 x 1 inch


Year of the Indian, Nadia Myre

Year of the Indian

Nadia Myre

Sculpture - 48 x 44.9 x 5.1 inch


Megalopolis voice of o', O'clock

Megalopolis voice of o'


Sculpture - 66.9 x 74.8 x 7.1 inch


Everything is going to be fucking ok - neon art, Mary Jo McGonagle

Everything is going to be fucking ok - neon art

Mary Jo McGonagle

Sculpture - 31 x 30.5 x 3 inch


Life is beautiful - neon art wall sculpture, Mary Jo McGonagle

Life is beautiful - neon art wall sculpture

Mary Jo McGonagle

Sculpture - 9.1 x 33.1 x 2.8 inch


Souviens-toi du futur, O'clock

Souviens-toi du futur


Sculpture - 70.9 x 74.8 x 24.4 inch


Super nanga' boko, O'clock

Super nanga' boko


Sculpture - 66.9 x 74.8 x 9.8 inch


Série mon oeil, Michadu

Série mon oeil


Sculpture - 16.5 x 4.7 x 3.9 inch


The pink Bigfoot ascends, Tomas Dauksa

The pink Bigfoot ascends

Tomas Dauksa

Sculpture - 19.7 x 9.8 x 6.3 inch


Neon Sculpture for Sale

Some things are best said loud! So often neon is only way. The perfect statement sculpture in electric colours energises any room. From soothing blue or white to psychedelic yellow or pink, Mary-Jo McGonagle expresses every mood in her clean or curvaceous lettering styles. Or for something a little more abstract, discover the modern, cubist designs of Gabriele Dal Dosso. Whether incorporated with other materials or shining alone, neon is one of the most versatile of mediums and is fast growing in popularity among sculptors. Not just for night clubs, start the party in your home with a piece of neon sculpture.

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