A Visit to the Home of Interior Designer Suzanne Tucker

A Visit to the Home of Interior Designer Suzanne Tucker - 2
A Visit to the Home of Interior Designer Suzanne Tucker - 3
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Suzanne Tucker's exquisite home - a mix of the European aesthetic with west coast grandeur

Suzanne Tucker is a recognized and leading figure in the American interior design scene. She and her partner Timothy F. Marks founded their firm Tucker & Marks in 1986 and it has since been considered one of the most respected and successful interior design firms in the United States. Initially working for the legendary Michael Taylor, Tucker later bought Taylor's business after his passing and has continued the strong legacy.

In terms of her style, Tucker favors a European look on a west coast scale. Take a tour of her home with Artsper and discover her romantic approach to design, her luxurious and inviting style as well her design tips and favorite contemporary artists.

1. Hello Suzanne! How would you describe your interior design style? Where do you find inspiration at the beginning of a design project? 

I would say my aesthetic is individually reflective with a passionate approach to balance and detail, resulting in a rather personalized chic. Those are a lot of descriptive words and one can always use rather clichéd adjectives like comfortable, elegant, and inviting to describe my work but it should be all that and more, whether the home is casual or formal, in the city or in the country. My aesthetic has evolved over the years in my approach to clients. I'm a very good listener and - in my constant curiosity - the details, the depth of design, the wisdom and expertise I've gained continue my education every single day. I take a highly personalized approach for each client and individual project, so, for me, it's a constant evolution.  No two projects are alike!

Travel inspires me more than anything. Of course, we've all had to “travel" virtually for the past year and thank goodness I have (at current count) 108,566 photos in my iPhone albums! I “traveled" back in time through past trips, study tours, courses and holidays becoming re-inspired over and over again.  But truthfully, I am so ready to pack my suitcase again and nurture my chronic case of wanderlust! On my travel list, besides the usual stops - New York, London, Paris, Italy - it would be India, Japan and back to Africa! And repeat!

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A Visit to the Home of Interior Designer Suzanne Tucker - 7

An abstract artwork balances traditionalism and adds a dynamic element

2. What has been your favorite design commission, or the project you're most proud of and why?

That's a tough question, it's like asking to pick a favorite child! I love ALL my projects – past, present AND future - as every single one has allowed me to grow as a designer. Having said that, I really cherish those projects where I can work with a client's outstanding art collection – such a treat, and humbling as well…

3. Your interior design firm Tucker & Marks is based in San Francisco - where are your favorite places to experience art in the city?

First and foremost, there is the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the organization that oversees two unique museums—the de Young in Golden Gate Park and the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park— it stands as one of the most visited arts institutions in the United States. And of course, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is right up there. But I equally love visiting my favorite art galleries: Modernism Inc. and the Berggruen Gallery are top of my list.

4. Which artists or artistic movements serve as sources of inspiration to you?

Helen Frankenthaler is most definitely among my favorites: I love the ethereal yet bold washes of color of this unique abstract expressionist – and a woman of great style, whose work managed to be both poetic and extremely strong. I adore her use of color and have had the thrill of incorporating several of Frankenthaler's works in projects with my art-collecting clients.

Another favorite abstract expressionist is Mark Rothko, whose work to me is pure seduction of color. I'm always drawn to how Rothko transitioned colors; his palettes are deliciously seductive!

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Focus on intricate details and wall accents to enrich your decor

5. Are you an art collector yourself? If so, which works of art can be found in your home and which works do you dream to own? 

Yes, I am. I am lucky to share my home with works by Marcia Myers, Gustavo Rivera, Tom Holland, and Andre Brasilier. A dream would be to own a Mark Rothko (see question above), a Diebenkorn would make me very happy as well!

6. Which artistic venue or cultural center anywhere in the world do you find the most inspiring?

In general, I am most drawn to “house musea". I love how they give you a peek behind the curtain, give you a true feel for the occupants and convert vague and sometimes sacrosanct figures into flesh and blood. To visit a house museum is to experience the intriguing and the fascinating. Everything inside becomes part of the visiting itinerary: furniture, artworks, books, personal and everyday objects. The Soane Museum in London is probably top of my list, but I also love the Villa Kérylos in France.

7. And finally, what advice would you give to someone who wants to update their home, but who is short on time? 

I would say that a thoughtful edit is always a good frame of mind. Less isn't always more, the key is balance… and color, texture and materials. Focus on a handful of items you feel very strongly about and build out your room from there.

Definitely go for quality over quantity, buy the best you can afford and don't feel like you have to fill a space all at once.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the creative process of expressing your personality and putting your individual stamp on a space.

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Create warmth with patterns and soft colors

Their favorite artworks

Coming Ashore, Slim Aarons

Coming Ashore

Slim Aarons

Photography - 59.8 x 39.8 inch


Reflets dans l'eau, André Brasilier

Reflets dans l'eau

André Brasilier

Print - 21.3 x 29.9 inch


Nu assis dans un fauteuil, une jambe repliée, Henri Matisse

Nu assis dans un fauteuil, une jambe repliée

Henri Matisse

Print - 15.3 x 10.1 x 0 inch


Nevermind, Sarah Moon


Sarah Moon

Photography - 19.5 x 15.5 x 0.1 inch


Olympic Robe, Jim Dine

Olympic Robe

Jim Dine

Print - 35 x 27 inch